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Aug. 9th, 2014


Somewhat Friends Only

Here is the scanlation tag! All Oofuri doujins are posted to oofuri_djs first.

Please comment if you would like to be added! It'd be awesome if you could post how you found my journal or stuff we have in common. Or anything along those lines. Whatever floats your boat. I don't generally friend people that I don't know/don't know of, so... yeah.
I'm slowly making a transition to "not quite completely" friends only. Mostly, really ridiculous and whiny posts and posts with questionable material will be friend locked. I also tend to be really self conscious about my art and original writing, so those are usually friends locked. Graphics posts and fanfiction are usually public.

A lot of my journal is sort of just my talking to myself/an archive so that a couple years from now I can remember what I was like. Not necessarily because I'm a narcissist, but just because I don't really expect many people to care, ahaha!

Dec. 8th, 2011


that awkward moment when you failed all of your finals

chem and ea I expected, though multivariable is actually a disappointment since I was doing well in that class before the final


and when I say failed I mean in the 50s no shitting

school is hard

Oct. 30th, 2011


Halloween Friday

I somehow feel like my college experiences are making me into a different stereotype than the person I actually am. In high school, I didn't do much at all. I never really dated anyone, and I had never even kissed a guy. (Or a girl, but that's beside the point, because I don't really swing that way.) I didn't really like to go out and party, and even when I did, I would kind of stand around awkwardly and not really dance. I think this started to change a little bit senior year, because I had a considerable amount of fun dancing at prom, just with my friends (though the music was crap).

Now I'm in college, and I pretty much go out every Friday and Saturday night (leaving all my work for Sunday). There were two weeks where I decided to drink but DRINKING HURTS MY FACE so it's not really worth it. Asian glow awww yeahh. I can have fun without drinking, for sure, but it would be nice to be able to let loose without everyone seeing your HUGE BRIGHT RED FACE THAT HURTS. Seriously, it hurts. Talk about alcohol intolerance.

I also was totally forward and invited a guy back to my room one night, which I woke up to regret even though we just made out because OH LOOK THERE GOES ALL MY SELF RESPECT... I wasn't even drunk. Well, I had a drink earlier in the night, but it was two hours earlier, and it was just one drink. I just really wanted to get the whole "kissing a guy for the first time" thing over with. And don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun (and I don't hate the guy on a daily basis), but I felt like I sacrificed a lot of my self respect, morals, and values just to have a good time. I mean, I'm mostly a RAGING FEMINIST and being like that with a guy (all submissive and quiet and shit) really pissed me off afterwards. This happened two weeks ago, so I'm a lot more OK with it, but yeah. I definitely wouldn't do it again, unless I were SUPER WASTED. I'm still on the same terms with the guy as I was before the incident (he lives in my dorm), but yeah. It probs wasn't a big deal for him. He gets around. He's a skeeze, haha.

Anyway, last night a couple of my friends and I went out for to a halloween party which was AWESOME. It was so fucking hot, though. The party was dry, so the first hour and a half was a little slow until all the people who pregamed and had gotten drunk at other parties came in. My friend Aaron and I have this thing going on where we intend to make out with a random hot girl/cute guy every week. We usually fail, haha. Four guys asked me to dance/tried to dance with me AND WERE TOUCHING ME EW GET OUT, but I turned them all down. Oh look at me an my sober high standards. At least one of them was polite enough to ask, the other three just kind of invited themselves. Most were obviously drunk, and one was definitely stoned, haha. Well, the one who asked was mostly sober, probably. The same thing happened with a super drunk girl, and I pretty much treated her the same way I treated the guys. So yeah. I pretty much just danced for four hours straight. Was fucking exhausted. It makes me think that Dance Marathon in the spring (30 straight hours!!) is going be be death. Well, really there's no doubt in my mind that it's gonna be death.

Yeah. I'm having fun in college.

Don't mind the fact that I got 70s on two of my midterms what

also where is the animu in my life it's pretty much gone

Oct. 19th, 2011

lol idk

aaron is a skeeze


Oct. 5th, 2011

heh heh blush blush


Three weeks in! Roughly. I'm in my third week of classes. I might've gotten a 30/50 on the chem quiz and I might've gotten an 82 on my first lab but THAT'S FINE. WHATEVER. IT'S COOL.

I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING GUYS I will have like momentary periods of "god this is hard college is hard I want to sleep cries" but most of the day I'm just like OH I LOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE seriously I will have periods where I'm just walking down campus or sitting on my bed and I will just smile and go "wow I love my life right now"

My classes aren't even that great or interesting (engineering analysis - which is math+programming, multivariable, engineering design, and chem 101) but I DUNNO. I LOVE EVERYTHING. There's a lot of work, but somehow, it's not that bad. I get through it without staying up to 2:00. Or sometimes I do stay up until 2:00 but that's because I'm in the rec lounge and I'm purposely distracting myself.

OKAY SO I LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE and I love my res college/dorm and the campus is SO PRETTY (though it takes too long to traverse).

Also I have friends WOW INS'T THAT INSANE coming from a person who hasn't needed to make new friends for about 7 years dude yeah

can you tell I'm procrastinating from my chem homework/lab write-up WELP

Sep. 5th, 2011

wait what--

Summer 2011 Anime - Mid/Late Season Reviews

This was written like, four weeks ago, but ANYWAYS. Around this time, the series had 6-ish episodes out, each. Now we're around 10. I added a bit to make up for the extra material.

Ao no Exorcist - We're well into the anime original arcs. Overall, I still think the series was the best in the first two episodes. It’s a very solid adaptation. The anime original plots have been pretty good, though the recent one was the best. It's pretty obvious what sort of direction it's going in, which isn't a bad direction, but it isn't ground breaking, either. Score: 7/10

Baka Test Season 2 - Still pretty much the same Baka Test as it was in season 1, though the constant rehashing of Minami and Himeji’s possessiveness is getting old. It’s maybe a couple degrees less charming than the first season. Maybe because the first season's style of humor felt so fresh, but they're using the same techniques this season, so it's not really that new anymore. Score: 6/10

Blood C (dropped) - I never watched after the trainwreck that was the first episode, haha. I hear it started picked up steam around episode eight, but eight episodes is far too long. Score: 3/10

Hanasaku Iroha - I’ve come this far! The past couple episodes/arcs have been weird and/or bad. Hanairo is pretty uneven when it comes to delivering drama and character development, though it seems all the pieces are starting to come together. Seriously, the relationship between Ko and Ohana is worse than Kazehaya and Sawako. They both like each other, so what's the issue there?! Score: 6/10

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (dropped) - I don't know whether to make heads or tails of this series. I think they were trying to cram too much into each episode. I hated the main characters, and the animation annoyed me. The story had potential, but there were just too many elements thrown into the mix. Officially dropped. Score: 3/10

Kamisama Dolls - Interesting plot! The character development for the protagonist has picked up, which I’m liking. It was kind of meh to the third episode, but has been getting better. It's the kind of series where I'm lukewarm towards during the week, but once I actually start watching, I realize how good it actually is! Score: 7/10

Kamisama no Memochou (dropped) - The plot isn’t as interesting as other shows this season, and the character development is poor. I still find that I don’t have a grasp on the characters’ personalities, other than the bare bones. Some of the characters are actually interesting and likable (like the Fourth, Renji, etc), but I dunno. They have a long way to go, and, save for the first, the cases haven’t interested me so far. Score: 5/10

Mawaru Penguindrum - Best show of the season, imo. Beautiful animation, likable characters, interesting (if not bizarre) plot. They could stand to move away from Ringo and Shouma (as much as I liked their antics), though. Score: 9/10

Mayo Chiki (dropped) - I kept watching this show because of the S type girls and the reverse trap, haha. I do like the animation style, but everything else is just... unremarkable. Score: 4/10

Natsume Yuujinchou Season 3 - It’s Natsume. It’s beautiful. It’s heartbreaking. Score: 9/10

No.6 - LOL what do I even say about number six. Gosh. I have trouble reviewing the episodes, because I get blind sighted by what I want to happen and what I’ve read from the novels. The strength of this series is the dynamic between Sion and Mouse. The plot would be more interesting if the pacing were better. It’s kind of all over the place. Score: 8/10

Ro Kyu Bu! (dropped) - The first two episodes delivered quite a bit of good drama for a show with its premise (lolis playing basketball?), though I never picked it back up afterwards. Score: 5/10

Sacred Seven (dropped) - After the first episode, I never picked it back up. I didn’t find the characters to be likable, and the plot seemed pretty generic. I don’t like robot unicorn shows. :c Score: 4/10

Steins;Gate - Oh my god, the plot, and the heart wrenching drama. Oh god. It has a lot of elements that remind me of Madoka (cough) in terms of the relationship between Okabe and Kurisu. Pretty much every episode has been intriguing up to this point, and the relationship between Kurisu and Okabe developed so naturally and convincingly. Score: 8/10

Tiger & Bunny - SO MUCH DRAMUUU I can’t help but laugh sometimes. It's starting to wind down, and I think the writing isn't as good as it was before. Something about the delivery... I don't know. The finale definitely feelsl like it's coming. In a lot of ways, T&B feels like a kid's superhero cartoon. It's refreshing, but some things can get over simplified. Score: 8/10

Usagi Drop - AAAAH I think Rin’s mama is so cute. Gosh. This whole show is just cute. It’s all the everyday stuff of raising a kid, and then some. I was getting kind of bored by it, but the recent episode was sweet. I'm excited for developments between Daikichi and Kouki's mum, though I know how things end up. Score: 7/10

Uta no Prince-Sama - I AM LIKE FOUR EPISODES BEHIND BUT I INTEND TO CATCH UP?? WHAT DO I EVEN SAY ABOUT THIS SHOW. It’s too fabulous for words. And Wakamoto. And crazy bipolar characters. And bad music. Score: 1000%/10

Yuru Yuri - Pretty entertaining “cute girls doing cute things” show. I like the humor more than K-ON!’s style of humor, but it hasn’t really got me laughing out loud, or anything. Score: 6/10
oh gee I am pained

sin cos cos sin cos cos sign sin sin

I just took the Calculus placement exam for school, ugh. I got 23/25 on the algebra and trig section (most of which were dumb mistakes ugh), like 5/15 on the diff calculus section (I KEPT INTEGRATING INSTEAD OF DIFFERENTIATING and then was like fuck this shit and didn't go back), and 10/13 on the integral calculus section, I think? Whatever. It's chill. Oh, and on the advanced section, I just skipped the majority of the questions because the instructions were like "if you don't know the subject, you can just leave your answer blank." So I basically took that as an invitation to skip questions I didn't want to do. UGH REQUIREMENTS ARE SO HARD what if I had actually studied??? Sucks because I might be placed in a lower math seciton, in which case I'll probably have to take more courses before getting to the good stuff/my actual requirements. But at the same time, I really would have never studied for it, so. Haha. Same with chem. I literally remember no chem (except LEO GER which is "loses electrons oxidizes" and "gains electrons reduces" hahaha). So I'll probably be taking chem 101. Fuck everything. Not that orgo would be easier, but I feel like it'd somehow be more relevant.


FEELS BAD MAN umm anyways sometimes I think I should've enrolled in the college of arts and sciences. I hate math. The only science I really like is bio. I'm OK towards physics, and my sophomore chem experience was awful... My entire high school math experience was awful. Except for geometry. But, then again, I would never be able to live with myself if I got some sort of useless major, and I don't want to major in bio, which'll just lead me down the track to med school. I want options! But, haha, biomedical engineering+premed+business is a lot. Entirely too much, probably.

WHAT ELSE?? I've been watching a lot of movies lately. In the past couples days, rewatched Brokeback Mountain and The Princess and the Frog. Watched, for the first time, X-Men: First Class (so many feelings I have so many feelings mostly ERIK WHY ARE YOU A DUMB BUTT also Michael Fassbender and your stupid sexy turtlenecks), Hot Fuzz, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Haha, the latter two mostly because of Martin Freeman, even though in Hot Fuzz he just had a cameo.

Also my daily dose of animu. Been watching a lot of animu. Rewatched Madoka (HNNNG), and have been downloading a lot of older series, since I won't be able to in college. In terms of this season, I've dropped a good deal of series (unregrettably, haha), but I'm still watching a lot of shows. And fall looks pretty interesting, too! Not to mention some summer shows will be carrying over.

I should start packing. We're leaving on Sunday.

Aug. 17th, 2011

love and hugs


 Totally different entry nowww

I made $25 in tips during lunch service. Now, that doesn't seem like a lot, but for the place I work it's fucking amazing. During lunch service, you go up to the counter, order your food, and sit down where you like. Then a waitress brings out your food. She'll bring you drinks and extra dressing and bread if you want, but she doesn't take orders or anything. So, maybe about 50% of the time, people will leave a tip. It's usually two dollars, up to five if you're lucky or if they're nice. A lot of the time people just don't leave anything. Which is understandable.

At the end of the shift, the tips are usually split three ways (after being pooled). One part each for the two waitresses, and one part for the person behind the counter entering in the orders. Well, since I'm the only fucking waitress on staff for the next two weeks the tips are only split two ways.

When split three ways, I'd usually get around eight dollars a day. When split two ways, I'd usually get twelve to fifteen dollars a day. So, twenty five is... a big surprise.

It's because today, around noon, a party of twenty three fucking people came in. Now, that, was something. Luckily, they were on some sort of photography tour, so they were the eat and leave type. I didn't have to refill many drinks, and I only got extra dressing for a couple people. So basically all I had to do was bring the dishes out. Then they all left within half an hour (cleaning those tables was a bitch, especially since I had to tend to the other customers as well). But the guy in charge of the group left a $20 tip! So, I guess that's where the extra ten bucks came from. Pretty sweet. (Though I guarantee you the whole meal costed well over $200, so it's less than a 10% tip.)

Otherwise, it was a pretty average day. Not too busy, which is good (if it were busy + those 23 people, I literally would've dropped dead). In a lot of ways, yesterday was waaaay more stressful. Probably because in total, we had more people. But I made ten extra bucks today, compared to yesterday.

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